Penny is truly an amazing being of Light, with gifts and capacities that will open you up into realms you never imagined possible.

Her intuitive, psychic abilities have guided me through many a dark moment.Supporting and empowering me on my journey of being more of my true authentic self on every level.

I am deeply blessed to have such a gifted channel of light and love in my life.
— Jude Roche – 5D Being

Are you at a crossroads? Deep in transition? Do you need clarity around connecting to your intuition? Or accessing your inner knowing?


Are you being called to Rise from deep in your wild heart and magical bones but you're having trouble deciding which way to go?

Do you have a connection to Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars and the Goddesses?

My name is Penelopy and I am a Naturopath, Astrologer and Psychic Channel.

I can hold a space for you and channel/mirror information from the cosmic intersection where Divine Feminine Energy meets your Astrology Blueprint meets your Spirit Guides.


My Cosmic Psychic Sessions is a container to talk about any area of your life that needs problem-solving - including love, relationships, career, business, money, leadership, fame and your life purpose.

I work for HER – She, the Divine Feminine, Mother God, Goddess, Mother Earth, Gaia, the Feminine Creator Energy, the Source of Life, the Light.

As we embody her Rising, we too get to unbind our power and wisdom, reclaim our voices and magical bones, unleash our wild hearts and true natures, and walk the beauty way through life as well align ourselves to Her Risings radiant flow. 

I am a participant, channel and teacher of this energy and it is the foundation of our Session together.

One another level, I am adept at interpreting astrology charts, a cosmic map outlining the exact position of the sun, moon, stars, planets and zodiac signs at the exact moment one is born and takes their first breath. Its an insanely accurate blueprint that i adore de-coding and re-activating for others. As above, so below. 

I also work with the Goddesses - via channelling and through the Goddess Asteroids like Isis, Sekhmet, Magdalena, Lilith and Ceres.

It brings a uniquely feminine perspective to the Session and will aid you in understanding and embodying the strengths and medicines of the Goddesses most influential in your chart and energetic field.

I use my psychic abilities to connect-in with the Cosmos, and mirror back to you everything you need to know right now in present time, thats going to help you accelerate your path forward.

Your Spirit Guides talk to me. My Spirit Guides talk to me.

I spend our time together helping it all make sense.

Bring any area of challenge or confusion to the Session.

We will problem-solve and explore a variety of topics and themes that require attention, and activate the areas that are ripe and ready to rise.

Its potent, profound, delicious, fun, sometimes sweary, always inspiring -

And totally empowering (because, Her)


Single Session

In addition to our time together, you’ll also receive a session prep sheet, your astrology chart and a recording of your session. All sessions are via zoom, messenger or phone. 



3 Session Package

For those that feel they need extra cosmic support and guidance- this 3 session pack allows us to journey intensely together over 6 weeks. This session pack is perfect for helping you navigate your major life decisions, overcoming a period of inertia or providing support during a major life crossroads. Working together in this way will allow for the deepest expansion, help you drop deeper into your intuition and initiate your cosmic upgrades.



Susan Santoro

When I had my first session with Penny- I was at a complete crossroads in my life. I felt energetically depleted, drained, exhausted, burnt out. I knew that I needed to make big life choices, but was at a loss and confused with which direction to head towards. The day of my session with her- was the day that I was truly brought to my knees. It was the day that I had hit breaking point, and the point of no return.

When Penny began to tune in, it was like she had a direct line to my soul, like a direct line to the heavens, and could pinpoint exactly what I was feeling, and what was going on for me. She was extremely accurate, specific, and clear. It was so nurturing to feel so understood and validated- and the personal insight she shared with me was outstanding. As the session time went on I could feel my energy shifting and energy calming, feeling really uplifted and able to see clearly what my next steps were. It was incredibly supportive for me, and being able to receive such intimate guidance has been a Godsend to me- like I have my own human, cosmic, mama Earth Angel. 
Penny’s guidance provided me with valid confirmation and assistance of my next life steps- and have since helped me develop my own intuition, knowing and psychic ability. I feel like anytime I have invested in a session with Penny- I leave feeling like I have insight into what I should focus on next- strong sense of self, and a strong reconnection to Source and the Universe. I highly, highly recommend having a session with Penny at any time you feel you need it. Her ability to read a situation and provide information that is relevant, uplifting and specific; just leaves you with an overall sense of well being and connection back to your own truth. She is amazing!

“Not only a Divine Being, but a Master in her field. Astute, accurate and constructive.

Its rare to find someone so passionately apt in their Art, and with deliverance that serves the highest potential.

I trust this Woman. I trust her Spiritual toolkit and her agenda.

Happiness and the unfolding of self actualization is evident in her intent.

What a Blessed Being”
— Sarah Jane Stockton
“A facilitator in game changing. A beautiful soul with an incredible ability to help shift people’s consciousness in a way that is grounded, funny and achievable.

A channel to simple truth and Source.

My life would not be as true without her support and guidance.”
— Louise Trevitt

Ella Slonim

I booked in a session with Penelopy when I was both unsure of where my next step should lead me career wise, and I felt like I needed guidance on how to practically move forward in my personal evolution. I felt like Penelopy held a mirror up and gently, lovingly reflected back to me exactly where I was at and what could lie ahead depending on my choices. After one of our sessions I was vibrating at such a high level that all I could see and feel was joy. Everything around me shined and sparkled with shimmering energy; the world literally looked different. I was crying and laughing with the beauty of it all, and my heart was bursting with love. I knew that this state of being existed but Penny showed me how to get there easily and quickly whenever I want. Penny’s guidance really helped me get clearer on the truths I knew deeply but had felt uncertain about, and her encouragement supported me to step more fully into my own intuitive knowing.

Working with Penny has totally exceeded my expectations and blown away the limits of what I thought was ‘possible’ for me to achieve in my own evolution in a short time. SO many aha moments! I love settling into openness, and listening to Penny channel and speak what comes through. It’s quite incredible to hear her receive wisdom and truth and share it in such an eloquent way. She’s so in tune with the best way to help me move forward, sometimes calling me to step up and sometimes gently pushing me forward, always from love and always towards my highest potential.

Now, I feel like I am living in a way I never knew was possible, with magic in everyday life. I know, in a deep way now, that I can manifest what I need and want and that I am powerful beyond what my mind can comprehend. It’s a work in progress but I love feeling like I’m co-creating my life instead of being dragged through it by external events. Even for the smallest things (eg getting a car park in a busy street) instead of blindly guessing I can choose and create the scenario that I want to be in. The possibility for what is to come is more exciting than ever!  Honestly-  I feel its super important to mention that Penny’s guidance is incredibly practical and grounded. I wanted practices that would help me rise as a person, and she gave me practical, achievable exercises I could do everyday, that didn’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. She is also so real and down-to- earth and humble. I love her and highly recommend her services!