The perfect guide to align you to the potency of Her cycle & help you access your powerful intuition.



There is a beautiful energy force available for us to connect into. It is always available, infinite in supply, nourishing, instinctual, insightful and intuitive.

It’s our Moon.

When we can align ourselves to the cosmic powers of the Moon, it not only gives us a magical source for personal guidance, but it’s one of the quickest ways to remarkably increase our intuition.

As an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Moon and Her gravitational force affect us humans just as strongly as She does the tides of the ocean.

This concept is easier to grasp when we remember our bodies are made up of 80% of water.

Our Moon - like women, nature and seasons - is not linear, but cyclical and constantly moving through phases, always changing, updating and recalibrating.

When we consciously follow Her monthly cycle, our natural body rhythms, energy fields, instincts & menstrual flows intuitively start to sync with Her.

She has set phases and rhythms, waxing and waning her way around our Earth, teaching us there is a time to work hard and a time to rest.

She offers us an infinite supply of messages in devotion - as She moves through each of the 12 zodiac signs every 28 days - amplifying their unique personalities through the potency of Her lens and Her light, giving us an incredible opportunity to adjust our sails on a daily basis. This can help us leverage these qualities to our fullest potential. How divinely magical is that?!

It’s a super fun and auspicious way to help organize your life. When we surrender to Her flow we can start to schedule our monthly tasks to align with the cosmic energies. Sign up below to receive your free Cosmic Moon Guide. A potent framework that outlines on our Moons phases as well as the energetic traits of each of the zodiac signs she passes through each cycle. Take some notes and give it a go for yourself.

She might just become your new favourite source of personal guidance.