My name is Penelopy but most people call me Penny.  I also respond to P, Pen, Penna, Penstar, Pennywise, & Penelopy Pitstop. I love a good nickname & dish them out often. My nephews call me Chichi.

I live in a 100 year old Queenslander next to a mountain out the back of Noosa Australia with my lover, my son, his dog Koda and my sassypants cat Cleopatra.


The Scholar Archetype in me is strong and is probably my saving grace. I went to University quite happily for 5 years straight after High School and have continued to study something nearly every year since.  

I’ve a Degree in Naturopathy (herbal medicine, homoeopathy & nutrition), and was the first ‘alternative’ practitioner to get a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Medicine (Swinburne, Melbourne) at the invitation of the course founder Professor Avni Sali. I have Diplomas/Certificates in Nursing, Astrology, Gym Instructing, Personal Training, Pilates, Reiki (Master), Feng Shui, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Thera, Live-Blood Analysis and Bio-Impedance.

Interestingly, the most influential effect on my esoteric abilities was not found in any of the above texts or lecture rooms - but from the various shamans, priestesses, witches, mystics, artists, clairvoyants, visionaries and mediums that I have been blessed to work with.

My deepest teachings have come from the last two decades of being humbled by these masters. The Scholar Archetype slowly moved me from the classroom to a more ‘intuitive mentorship' kind of learning environment, where i learnt how read energetic fields, use energy to heal and empower, and raise my vibration to a level that Soul Guides can message through. 

I’ve got kick-arse tarot reading skills thanks to a 2 year stint as a Front Door Bitch (Witch!) doing hundreds of mini readings for the punters waiting in line to get into a Biker & Backpacker Club.

I’ve co-authored a nutritional book, program and supplement range for naturopathic practitioners, worked in various multi-modality clinics, and managed a 5 star health resort on a Whitsunday Island.

I’ve been running a location independent, online private practice that offers naturopathy, astrology and psychic readings, for the past 10 years.

Me standing on stairs
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Me & Cleo

I was born on a Witch Birthday  -  Friday the 13th

I am a leo sun & venus, taurus moon, cancer rising. My aquarius north node and mars in the infamous 8th house affords me a deep understanding and respect of the underworld - death, sex, spirits, abuse, addictions, the unseen and the shadow - and the unique journey it requires to transform it. I have the goddess asteroid Isis on my mid-heaven and Sekhmet on my rising.

I have never been married but im always in love. Im neither taken nor single.

I love music, antique tea-sets, oracles, house witchery, potions, Game of Thrones, wine, whisky, cheese and instigating dance parties.

I believe women aren’t taught, they awaken.


I believe my son chose me to be his mother; that we would encounter physical, mental and emotional abuse for the first few years of his life, that we would have to move inter-state twice and homes 5 times, and that we would experience PND and PTSD for a few years following that.

I believe we experienced these lessons for a number of different reasons (karmic/stupidity/bad luck) but it ultimately made me realise how much of humanity (and Mother Earth herself) is also under some sort of abuse. 

I believe we had these wounds activated in order to understand what is happening not only on a personal level, but on a collective level too. And to come to know the true compassion, courage, faith and power it takes to truly Rise. And that Love is the only way. 

By transcending my own wounds, my soul’s purpose is now to assist others to reclaim their voice, wisdom, gifts, intuition, radiance and feminine power.

What I know for sure is that my Soul chose to incarnate at this exact time in history to help heal and empower the resurrection of the Divine Feminine, and to help anchor her Love so a new paradigm can birth.


So we can live free from the fear that leads to competition, domination and power struggles - and instead live from a place of love, mercy, justice, peace, compassion and equality.

The way to heal our planet is to first heal ourselves.


It is our gift to Her, our family, our community, our children, our children’s children – and ultimately for the children of all nations.